Ball-Point Pen USB Pinhole Mini Video Camera for Spys

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Ball-Point Pen USB Pinhole Mini Video Camera for Spys

Item Name: ball-point pen camera
Capacity:Support TF/Mirco SD card up to 32GB
Video Format: AVI
Video Coding:M-JPEG
Picture format: JPG (1280 x 960 resolution)
Charging Time: about 2 hours
Charging Voltage:DC-5V
Interface Type: Standard USB 5p plug
Storage Support: Nand flash
Battery Type: Lithium polymer

Key Function:
Photographs: After boot, the camera enters the camera wait state wtih green light, short press the button for one second to take a photo, the green light flashes once completed photographed and stored back to the camera standby into the video must reboot to backto the camera function.

Video recording: After boot, the camera enters the camera wait state with the solid green light, short press the button for 2 seconds, the green light flashes three times, then the green light flashes quickly start recording; short press the button again to stop recording, save the file, then the green light to restore long bright; in order to ensure that the file size and security of the shooting, every 50 minutes automatically saved file, and continue the video.

Set time:
The camera provides video files show video time function, you can display or not according to the actual need to set the time value and time; time display format: years. Months.: Minutes: seconds, set the time method follows:
a.Open the "time" text document, input the time settings string inside the string by "date every minute display of several parts, write synchronous date.
b.Confirmed after the time set the files have been copied to the root directory, uninstall hardware, boot time is set.

Tiny pin-hole camera inside a working ball pen
Simply one button operation (push to record, push again to stop)
307,200 pixels (640*480 px) video recording resolution (DX tested and verified)
Built-in microphone records sounds/voice along with video
Built-in lithium battery recharged by the included AC adapter or any powered USB port
100~250V AC USB charger included

Package included:
1 x Ball-Point Pen camera
1 x USB Cable

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